Thursday, 9 July 2009

Big Brother and other Televisional Attrocities

Im sorry but Big Brother is fucking appalling, Sum years it has been mildly interesting but this year they have hit a new low in boring, rage inducing, "why is this shit taking up so much airtime" bollocks. If you met any of the participants in normal life you would quite rightly think "what a complete COMPLETE knob". the people who go on this are more often self involved, vain, shallow, narrow minded, deluded, disturbed, annoying wastes of a good wank and i think the fact that there it still exist boggles the mind. If anyone cites entertainment as an excuse for this T.V AIDS they are as deluded as the future X-List celebs which populate the Big.Bro house and soon the front cover of Heat. I would literally rather watch my parents having sex than listen to "12.46pm, Thomas has taken a shit".

Other T.V Shits:

How much is your House?, Can I Buy your House?, Whats a House?, Bargain Cunt (A quirkly little show that pitts 3 woman with crabs to pick up a brand spanking new fadge)

Anyway cheer up with this:



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