Thursday, 2 July 2009

Masterchef Insomnia

Its hot and sticky weather and i cant sleep so im still up and a repeat of masterchef is on with one of those sign langauge dicks trying to explain "burnt lemon souflee". I'm starting to think the producers are giving lines to that guy Greg Wallace. Not a week goes by when he doesnt taste some ex corrie actors choc pudding and saids something like "Mmm.... you know what, i could quite happily dive into that" or " i could quite happily swim in that"! Im waiting for the week when an overexcited Wallace, commenting on a raspberry tart made by Bobby Davro admits.... "GOD I COULD JUST WANK EVERYWHERE RITE NOW BOBBY!!"

Another thing about Masterchef is that its on ALL THE TIME As soon as the normal series ends, the celebrity version starts. Do Greg and John not do anything except eat like fuck?

News 24 on now.... if u were a News 24 newsreader would u not just get completely ballbagged as only people who are half asleep, or that would find it highly amusing to hear the daily news read by someone chewing ther jaw off, are watching. All the other lucky bastards are asleep.

Random Morrissey Quote: (On Richard Madeley from Richard and Judy) " He referred to me as an insufferable puffed-up prat!.... This is a bit rich coming from a man who actually married his own mother"

Rite...... sleep

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